The antique gallery clock

While out to run a few errands I drove by one of my favorite old houses and there was a big sign out front announcing an estate sale.  I nearly rolled my car as I turned around to check it out!  Among all the beautiful antiques for sale was this gallery clock.  The adrenalin rushed […]

The gallery wall, 99% done…

  So here it is, my gallery wall! My husband and I with the help of our three sons have been working on this wall and think it’s done.  We’re going to live with it for a bit and let it evolve if need be.  I am someone who loves symmetry and that’s what drove me […]

The very old painted blanket chest

Painting wood furniture is nothing new, if you can find a really old piece of painted furniture you have quite a find.  There is nothing like the patina of  an antique painted piece.  This dark teal blanket chest has been in my family for a very long time and I just love it.  It has […]

meanwhile back in my living room…

One of the projects I’m determined to finish is a gallery wall behind the sofa.  My last post about my living room was ages ago and I just want to get it finished.  But I must tell you as I was editing my photos I was totally struck by how woody, brown and super neutral […]

My Christmas mantel

So here we go!  The Christmas mantle.  I can’t have anything really hanging off the mantel because it would tempt the cats and one cat in particular, Walter. Out of the woods he came, skinny and meowing to beat the band.  At first I thought it was one of our cats but the meowing was […]

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