A lovely year of almost finishes…the mini quilt…

I’m laughing to myself as I write this, I really tried to get my little spinning stars quilt finished today.  But I forgot how hand quilting can really do a number on your fingers!  I used to quilt a lot, like everyday.  My fingers got used to it, of course I use a thimble for […]

Happy holidays

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! I wish you all a very peaceful holiday. I’m so looking forward to the New Year and hope to have a working computer by then ;) Here is a picture that I found out there in the ether, there is something so magical about nature in Winter.

clothespins as ornaments!

Stephanie at Under the Table Dreaming has this wonderful tutorial to make clothes pin ornaments, another quick and easy project.  Click here for her fabulous tutorial. I saw these on Stephanie’s blog and had to make them and I’ve made a ton!  And naturally I coated one side with glue and then poured on the glitter!!! I have […]

Mini Christmas stocking

So while my computer is away getting fixed (fingers crossed!) I’m using my husbands.  It’s true, I feel somewhat lost without my laptop.  But I also had this strange kind of free feeling!  Like when you realize you forgot to bring your cell phone at first there’s a little panic and then freedom!  No one can […]

My Christmas mantel

So here we go!  The Christmas mantle.  I can’t have anything really hanging off the mantel because it would tempt the cats and one cat in particular, Walter. Out of the woods he came, skinny and meowing to beat the band.  At first I thought it was one of our cats but the meowing was […]

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