Just One Thing: Bees

I can’t remember when I first heard about colony collapse disorder but it was a few years ago.  One of my hairdressing clients is a beekeeper and told me about her bees dying.  The plight of bees, beekeepers and farmers has become more dire in recent years.  In parts of China where the bees have […]

Just one thing and a cloth napkin tutorial

We are in the season of cook outs, barbeques, picnics and outdoor parties.  And with that comes garbage bags full of  trash.  Plastic utensils, plastic plates and plastic table cloths.  All single use and all end up in a landfill or worse out in the ocean, it’s pretty much a nightmare and all for a […]

Earth Day and Just One Thing

Today Earth Day is 43 years old, Happy Birthday to you Earth Day!  So how do you all feel we’ve done in the last 43 years?  I’m 49 and wasn’t really aware of Earth Day until my 20’s, though I always knew I was a child of the Earth and would often spend my days […]

How sweet it is, raw, local honey and a new blog design by a Little Blue Deer…

Okay, I have no idea how to tie in being back with a new design and a jar of raw, local honey with a new (old) honey pot! So I won’t even try :)  I hope you all like my new design courtesy of Shari at Little Blue Deer Design.  I love it!  She was […]

My clowder of cats….

Part of my family besides my three wonderful sons and fantastic husband are my cats.  I have always had cats even when I was in college, I can’t imagine my life without them!  I never walk into an empty house, they are super clean, quiet (except for Walter) and have very unique personalities.  My cats […]

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