How I make my Christmas stockings…

I have made my Christmas stockings the same way for years using a method that is kind of like a puzzle to me, at least to explain.  I’m going to give it my best shot :)  Here’s a photo of my very old notebook opened to my stocking making page. This method makes a fully lined stocking […]


Last night I taught a beginners silk ribbon embroidery class.  There were seven students who had the most wonderful energy, were super patient as I threw a ton of stuff at them and very talented which made instructing them a pleasure. I think I teach to be around new people and learn from them.  I’ve […]

Silk ribbon embroidery

Now for something pretty and very girly.  Silk ribbon embroidery.  I taught myself silk ribbon embroidery years ago and used to teach classes.  I’ve decided to instruct again now that I am settled back in CT.  Here are  two pieces that  will be offered as classes.  When I really get this whole blogging thing sorted out I am going to […]

Hello world!

Begining a new blog to consolidate everything I love, create, make and want to learn more about.

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