sand shovels and a day at the beach

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day.  My family and I were down at a friend’s house for a cook out.  They live on the water in Clinton and it was pure heaven to sit in the sand and feel the cool breeze, such a relief from the heat!  As I watched some […]

The antique gallery clock

While out to run a few errands I drove by one of my favorite old houses and there was a big sign out front announcing an estate sale.  I nearly rolled my car as I turned around to check it out!  Among all the beautiful antiques for sale was this gallery clock.  The adrenalin rushed […]

Some interesting antique and vintage finds…

  Where I live in Connecticut there are no shortage of places to look for antique and vintage goodies.  From super high-end, fine antique shops where I drool and then imagine the responsibility of owning an 18th century piece that I would have to cordon off and put a look but don’t touch sign on. […]

The very old painted blanket chest

Painting wood furniture is nothing new, if you can find a really old piece of painted furniture you have quite a find.  There is nothing like the patina of  an antique painted piece.  This dark teal blanket chest has been in my family for a very long time and I just love it.  It has […]

meanwhile back in my living room…

One of the projects I’m determined to finish is a gallery wall behind the sofa.  My last post about my living room was ages ago and I just want to get it finished.  But I must tell you as I was editing my photos I was totally struck by how woody, brown and super neutral […]

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