sand shovels and a day at the beach

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day.  My family and I were down at a friend’s house for a cook out.  They live on the water in Clinton and it was pure heaven to sit in the sand and feel the cool breeze, such a relief from the heat!  As I watched some children playing in the sand I thought of my (very small) collection of sand shovels.

old sand shovels in an ironstone bowl

old sand shovels in an ironstone bowl

I remember digging in the sand for what seemed like hours when I was a child.  What fun to create pools of water for your dolls to swim in!


Have a wonderful weekend,


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  1. I’ve always been lucky enough to live just minutes from the beach, and my grandmother’s house was direct waterfront. I have so many wonderful memories of playing all day on the beach, and digging for hours! We used to think we could dig our way to China!

    Although my sand shovels were more of the bright plastic variety, your photo brought back wonderful memories! I don’t think there is anything better than a day at the beach!

  2. Those shovels are amazing, I can see how well used they were. I too grew up minutes from the lake and now have my dream of living right next to one. The children love the sand and could play there all day, every day without ever getting bored. I’m happy you got to enjoy the beach this week I find it refreshing to be near the water.

  3. Those are adorable! It must have been lovely at the beach. Finally–some great weather!

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