A LeMoyne Star and Cloth doll assembly line

It’s been so rainy here in Connecticut.  I was hoping for some sunshine to help with my photography but no luck.  So with some help from PicMonkey here’s some  of what I’ve been up to.

LeMoyne Star block

This is the LeMoyne Star and it’s the June block in Laura Nownes Craftsy class, 2013 Block of the Month, this is a FREE class click here to check it out!  Affiliate or not this Craftsy class is wonderful!  I’ve never made as detailed a star as this and I think it came out pretty well.  I followed her directions to the letter.  I figure she knows what she’s doing!  And I’m so happy with the results.  This is a large block, I still have to square it up and it should end up being 19.5″ square (fingers crossed!).  In the next photo you can see where I nailed the intersection of the seams and some that were just a smidge off.  For my first time I’m okay with that :)

LeMoyne Star detail

Up next are some cloth dolls, in progress.  I decided to refine my pattern and have changed the shape of the arms and legs. Click here to see some more of my dolls.  I love the feet now!  I’ve also made a new dress and apron pattern.   I have to admit I love making these dolls, they are pretty labor intensive and each takes me about three hours to finish.  But when you love what you’re doing it’s time well spent.

I hope to embroider their faces and make their tiny wigs over the next couple of days.

doll legs, arms and bodies

doll legs, arms and bodies

new design on the left

new design on the left

I love this one and can't wait for her hair and face!

I love this one and can’t wait for her hair and face!

reversible apron and tiny patch on her dress

reversible apron and tiny patch on her dress

And lastly this little organic flannel bunny.  I had some scraps of vintage ticking and lined his ears with it, so cute!

he will soon get his embroidered face too!

he will soon get his embroidered face too!

Along with the sewing I’ve also been painting, a lot.   Some large pieces of furniture and a flight of stairs.  And as soon as I get some sunshine I’ll be posting about these projects.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!


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  1. Jayne , Both the quilt block that you have made and the dolls are just great, they actually remind me of Amish dolls, if they had black dresses with white capes and aprons on, or magenta and royal blue dresses with black capes and aprons on, of course little black bonnets on However I have digressed your dolls are just so cute. and I can just imagine what the quilt would look like, it will look just AMAZNG! GREAT JOB AS ALWAYS JAYNE!

  2. Love the LeMoyne star, especially the blue and yellow color combination. It’s one of my favorites and if I had my way I’d decorate my whole house like the Swedish flag!

    Those dolls are amazing, I can’t imagine how intricate the work is. My mom used to make Barbie clothes for me. Me? I can’t even thread a needle!

    And I have to say those bunny ears with the mattress ticking is adorable!
    Oh how I wish I had your skills!

    • Thank you Bonnie, I did’nt think of the Swedish flag when I put those colors together but now that i look at it that’s what it looks like! Have a great 4th!!

  3. I have never tried such an intricate quilt design I love it. Getting those points to all line up frustrates me to no end. The dolls are lovely. I am back to painting some more furniture to get it moved to the shop this week.

    • Hi Lois, when I saw the star pattern I thought the same thing! But the teacher has a great technique and I just put all the negative thoughts out of my head and it worked! Good luck with your painting, can’t wait to see the results!

  4. Jayne you’ve been busy!! Your photos look great, I can practically touch that quilt square and your seams are perfection. Love the dolls and aprons, thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I love yours! I’ve signed up to follow you on Bloglovin’ and I hope that you will follow me as well. I’m eager to see how the quilt comes out…

  6. What a beautiful quilt block and I think your workmanship is wonderful too. Love those darling dolls too. Great job.

  7. You did an excellent job with your quilt block. At one time I was going to make a block a month, that sounded reasonable, then I started a foodblog. Maybe if I get control of it, I’ll squeeze in a block, albeit a simple one.

    • Hi Madonna, you have a wonderful blog, I imagine a food blog would be tons of work. The photography alone would keep me quite busy :)

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