I’ve made some pillows….a quick and easy tutorial

finished pillowWith warmer weather fast approaching I wanted to make some pillows with a fresh, light-colored fabric that would harmonize with all the neutrals in my living room.  I also wanted some more color!  I headed over to my Pinterest fabric board to go over what I had collected.  Most of what I really love is antique or super expensive.  I kept looking at the Llyta print, I really love it, it’s a linen and cotton blend.  After searching the web I found some remnants on Ebay, yeah!

Llyta Firecracker fabric

Llyta Firecracker fabric

Here’s a little tutorial for a very easy way to make an envelope pillow.  I wanted pretty large pillows and bought 2 down pillow forms that measure 20″ square.  Because I want the pillow cover to have a snug fit I cut my fabric 20″ by 46″ (20″ x 2 + 6″ for the overlap).  Be aware of your fabric design and cut accordingly.  For one pillow I wanted the large red flower to be the main focus so I cut my fabric to make that flower front and center.

Now that you’ve cut your fabric you need to hem both the short ends.  Fold over 1/4″ and press then fold over again a 1/2″ press, pin and top stitch to form a double hem.

forming hem

To make the envelope put right sides of your fabric together overlapping your hemmed short ends until your envelope measures 20″ across.  Pin and sew the 2 raw edges. Then to keep things neat and tidy I zig zagged the raw edges.

envelope measures 20" across

envelope measures 20″ across

look at my fancy arrow, I can't believe I figured out how to put that there :)

look at my fancy arrow, I can’t believe I figured out how to put that there :)

All that’s left to do is turn right side out, push out corners and press.  Insert your pillow form and you are finished.  This is a quick way to make a pillow and allows for the cover to be taken off and cleaned easily.  For different size pillows just go by the pillow form measurement and be sure to add 6″ to the long measurement to form the overlap.

finished pillow

finished pillow




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  1. how beautiful! On my “bucket list” is to learn how to sew…for now, I will just swoon over your creations!!!

  2. Those are beautiful! I used to love making pillows when I was little (with the help of my mom!) Great fabric choice!

  3. I so needed this. I am going to make new pillow covers for my outdoor pillows and I always just machine sew 3 sides and hand sew the 4th side. Therefore, I have at least 5 pieces of fabric on those pillows since I never take the old ones off before I put the new ones on. I never thought to make them removable!

  4. Jayne so perfectly pretty. Lovely print for a truly gorgeous day.

    • You said it Jaime, hoping for the same sunshine today. I simply adore my sign and new make up bag, beautiful! The coffee sign is in out kitchen and looks beautiful :)

  5. I really like the fabric you used and thanks for the clear instructions

  6. Very pretty!

  7. Such a pretty pillow! The fabric is so fresh and very gardeny. Looks terrific on that beautiful tufted linen chair.
    Welcome back, Jayne. The new site looks amazing and very professional.

  8. LOVE that fabric–it’s so pretty! I wish I could remember how to use my sewing machine. There are so many projects I would do, and this one looks relatively easy. Nice job!

  9. Hi Jayne, I love the fabric you picked out, and your pillows turned out beautifully. Well done!


  10. Jayne thank you for this. This is a helpful tutorial for someone like me. I loved the fabric you chose and I want to do the exact thing. Find some pretty fabric for a pillow update, but I’m a beginner sewer (is that a word? haha)

  11. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    This is just the best way to make pillows! Love your fabric choice!

  12. SO pretty!!! :)

  13. Wonderful to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday, great pillow, and thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi there Sara! Thanks for hosting Craft Schooling Sunday, I love this party. And try as I may I cannot leave a comment on your blog but rest assured I am a happy and faithful reader/follower!

  14. Love your fabric … so pretty! Thanks so much for the “how to”!



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