How sweet it is, raw, local honey and a new blog design by a Little Blue Deer…

Okay, I have no idea how to tie in being back with a new design and a jar of raw, local honey with a new (old) honey pot!

raw honey and honey pot

raw honey and honey pot

So I won’t even try :)  I hope you all like my new design courtesy of Shari at Little Blue Deer Design.  I love it!  She was a pleasure to work with, super easy-going and totally got what I was trying to do.  She also created a Facebook cover image and profile picture, check it out here.  After getting myself in over my head trying to do this myself I made the choice to get some professional help.  Best decision I’ve made in a long time!  What do you think?

Now as for the honey and the honey pot. I’m in such a good mood and so jazzed to be back I wanted to write about something sweet.  That is a large canning jar of local, raw honey I get from Windy Hill Farm in Middlefield, CT.  It’s delicious! And if you haven’t yet read the health benefits of raw honey and importance of helping the bee’s and beekeepers please do.  We drink a lot of tea at my house and love to add honey.  I needed something we could put the honey in and found this old ceramic gravy holder (not really sure if that is actually what it is) and it had a little cut out in the cover where we could put the dipper, perfect!  I think I found it at Goodwill, you never know what will turn up there.

There you have it, a new design and a new place to put honey :)



PS hmmmm, not sure why what I’ve written here looks different than my published post, but rest assured I’ll get it figured out!  Have a great weekend.


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  1. Oh, I love that honeypot! And I’ve been bugging my husband to start a raw honey and cinnamon regime! I, too, have been reading about the their health benefits!

  2. :D

  3. Jayne the new layout is beautiful, just the perfect amount of detail and classic lines that lets your photos shine. Well worth the wait, now you’ve got me thinking!!

  4. I adore the new design!!! And the header is gorgeous. Glad to see you back .

  5. Jayne,

    Everything looks fantastic, well worth the wait! ;) I’m loving the honey pot too!!

  6. Congratulations!!!! I agree with everyone: definitely worth the wait. So beautiful and clean. Perhaps I should contact Shari about my blog site.

    • Thank you Loi!! Though I think your blog is gorgeous and doesn’t need any work, if you decided to make any changes Shari is the best :)

  7. Beautiful design – the blog and the honey pot!!

  8. Jayne, I really like your blog design, especially the header. Everything looks fresh and clean and neat. :)


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