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Our Provincetown Weekend

My husband and I spent St. Patrick’s Day in Provincetown, MA.  We love this place, even in the off-season when its windy and cold.  The sun was in its full glory and so was the ocean breeze!  We walked up and down Commercial St. and the many little side streets.  A few shops were open […]

Earth Day and Just One Thing

Today Earth Day is 43 years old, Happy Birthday to you Earth Day!  So how do you all feel we’ve done in the last 43 years?  I’m 49 and wasn’t really aware of Earth Day until my 20’s, though I always knew I was a child of the Earth and would often spend my days […]

I’ve made some pillows….a quick and easy tutorial

With warmer weather fast approaching I wanted to make some pillows with a fresh, light-colored fabric that would harmonize with all the neutrals in my living room.  I also wanted some more color!  I headed over to my Pinterest fabric board to go over what I had collected.  Most of what I really love is antique […]

WordPress is being hacked by the evil Botnets, take precautions ASAP!

Please read the following article if you have a WordPress blog/site, click HERE and read. Take care, Jayne

How sweet it is, raw, local honey and a new blog design by a Little Blue Deer…

Okay, I have no idea how to tie in being back with a new design and a jar of raw, local honey with a new (old) honey pot! So I won’t even try :)  I hope you all like my new design courtesy of Shari at Little Blue Deer Design.  I love it!  She was […]

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