Reverse applique coasters, I just love this technique!

Reverse applique can be very easy and really pretty.  It’s also a great way to use up all your scraps, especially those really pretty ones you just can’t part with but are too small to piece (for some :).  For these coasters I used some red linen and beautiful Liberty prints voile.

finished reverse applique coaster

finished reverse applique coaster

What you’ll need:

Fabric scraps

Linen fabric as much as you’ll need for 5″ squares (front and back) for as many coasters you would like to make, I made 4

Contrasting thread

Sharp scissors

cotton batting



Begin by cutting out two 5″ squares of your main fabric for each coaster.  Cut out one 5″ square of batting for each coaster.

Liberty scrap for coaster

Liberty scrap for coaster

As pictured above, place your fabric scrap on the WRONG side of your main fabric (you can pin if needed) and then stitch in your contrasting thread a heart, go over several times taking a slightly different path at each pass.  Remember this is supposed to be very “artsy” looking so don’t be perfect!

turn over and this is how your heart looks

turn over and this is how your heart looks

Get those sharp, small scissors ready.  You need to pull your two layers of fabric apart so you can make a little snip and begin to cut away the inside of the heart to reveal the contrasting fabric.

pull apart to make a snip with scissors

pull apart to make a snip with scissors

Be sure to two layers are apart so you don’t cut your contrasting fabric!

keep scissors flat to cut out the inside of the heart sap

keep scissors flat to cut out the inside of the heart shape

I don’t have applique scissors so I’m sure to keep mine very flat so I wont cut my contrasting fabric.

Liberty print being revealed

Liberty print being revealed

phew! done!

See that blue long thread just pull those through to the back to get them out of the way.  Next step put your layers together, batting then backing right side up and your reverse applique right side down, pin and then sew, being sure to leave a couple of inches un-sewn for turning.

sewing layers together

sewing layers together

I use my walking foot so that my layers won’t slip.

snip corners

snip corners

Snip off your corners to make your corners nice and sharp.



Turn inside out , push out corners and press.

top stitch and blind stitch opening

top stitch and blind stitch opening

After pressing top stitch around perimeter with your contrasting thread, close the opening with the blind stitch, then you’re done!

reverse applique

This is a pretty and quick project and the possibilities are endless.  Experiment with shapes, textures and colors.



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  1. Jayne those are fabulous, love the loose feel and great way to use up scraps we just can’t part with! A nice, easy and fast gift too. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  2. That turned out nicely, I like the looks of the reverse applique I’m going to remember this for using up some of my scraps.

  3. I love this idea! So easy, pretty and useful!

  4. This is such a cute idea. I’ve pinned it so I can try making it sometime. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  5. These are so cute and a great way to use up scraps. Easy, too! Thanks for the idea.

  6. These are gorgeous! Such a genius idea for using up small bits of fabric. Love those Liberty prints, and now you can admire them every time you use a coaster! : )

  7. What cute little coasters =) I love this idea; thanks for sharing!

  8. I love these !

  9. Great tutorial, would love to make some pot holders like this too! Thanks so much for joining Craft Schooling Sunday, a great pleasure to have you, and personally, I need all the sewing inspiration I can get, to dive in sometime, well maybe not for another month of so…..very busy with Passover preparations and a top to bottom house cleaning!

  10. What a cute idea Jayne! I love things like this. What a really nice hostess or housewarming gift this would make too. -K

  11. I’m always looking for ways to use my fabric scraps…thank you for sharing this!


  1. […] I made one of these for my cousin’s baby a couple of years ago, and it turned out so cute that I knew I wanted to do it again. The process is pretty simple. You just cut out the shape you want, pin it to the inside of the onesie with the right side facing the fabric of the onesie, stitch around the shape, then carefully cut away the front of the onesie near your stitches. I zig zag stitched on the front of the onesie afterward to give it a little extra hold. You can find a good reverse applique tutorial here at Daisey Jane. […]

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