A lovely year of almost finishes…the mini quilt…

I’m laughing to myself as I write this, I really tried to get my little spinning stars quilt finished today.  But I forgot how hand quilting can really do a number on your fingers!  I used to quilt a lot, like everyday.  My fingers got used to it, of course I use a thimble for my top hand but it’s the finger under the quilt that feel the point come through that are really sore!  I have about 2 more square to quilt then I can bind it and it will be finished!!!!  I won’t even tell you how many stitches I’m getting per inch, I’m super rusty, I used to get 21.

When resting my fingers I just had to make something related to Valentines Day.  So I whipped up a burlap wreath and made some pink glitter hearts and ta da, I’m happy I got something done!

My almost done spinning stars quilt



my favorite block, love the bright colors












  1. I love your quilt! I have parts of a quilt top that have been in the closet for nearly a year, and I was thinking today that I wanted to get it out and get to work on it again. I love your wreath, too – very cute and cheerful!


  2. Wonderful projects, I love them, special the lovely mini quilt !!

  3. Lol. The last time I tried to help hand quilt a project, it was gently suggested for me to stop. Your stitching is beautiful!

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