The very old painted blanket chest

Painting wood furniture is nothing new, if you can find a really old piece of painted furniture you have quite a find.  There is nothing like the patina of  an antique painted piece.  This dark teal blanket chest has been in my family for a very long time and I just love it.  It has soul I’m sure of it.  Think of all the people who have used it and what it’s seen.

teal painted blanket chest


I have it in our living room under an old gilt mirror.  The three sculpted heads were made by my very talented son Christopher who is following in his parents footprints and attending art school.

The chest is a very deep teal and I’m thinking of introducing more of that color in the room after one of my clever readers, Lois of Living Simply Free,  saw a similar color in a frame that will be hung as part of the gallery wall which by the way is almost done!



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  1. Love it! And the heads are great. Wow.

    As a side note, I realized the other day that I wasn’t getting your posts anymore. I think WordPress bumped me off when you switched up your site. I had to re-follow you. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case that happened to anyone else.

  2. Ooh, what a beautiful chest! I love pieces with character and sentimental value – it always makes me wonder what stories they would tell, if only they could.

  3. What a wonderful chest. I love the colour.

  4. Very pretty!!

  5. Glad to have been a help, looking forward to seeing the new look in your living room.

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