My clowder of cats….

Part of my family besides my three wonderful sons and fantastic husband are my cats.  I have always had cats even when I was in college, I can’t imagine my life without them!  I never walk into an empty house, they are super clean, quiet (except for Walter) and have very unique personalities.  My cats are all indoor, keeps them safe and keeps all the little critters outside safe from them!  Domestic cats have really decimated the songbird population, and the birds have enough to worry about, glass buildings, declining habitat, cars, eesh!  It’s the least I can do.  And my four cats are quite happy to watch the birds from a window.



Here’s Goldie, she’s just the sweetest!  Excuse my super large photos, I am desperately trying to work out all the new bugs of being self-hosted :)

Goldie aka Baby Jinges, she's just the sweetest!
Here’s Goldie with Max, our largest and most affectionate cat.
Goldie and Max
Walter, posing on his favorite East Lake parlor chair, best place to watch the birds.
And here is Sarah, the most aloof of our clowder, any time she chooses to sit on my lap I’m careful not to move and really feel terribly honored!


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  1. Oh Walter! All your cats are gorgeous but I just love Walter’s cute face and his stripes. :) I have always had cats, except for when I went to college. And due to circumstances we are now without an indoor cat, barn cats we’ve got, but no cats inside. My husband says he’s not a fan of cats, but Shaelyn instantly falls madly in love with with any cat she meets so I’m pretty sure she will be able to convince him that we need an indoor kitty, soon!

    Love the new look of the the blog!

    • Thanks Laura, cats in any way shape or form are good as far as I’m concerned! I love dogs also they are just so much more work. Maybe when I’m older and more patient. I hope Shaelyn gets her wish, you guys can have your own Walter ;)
      Thanks for liking my new “look” I have to tell you I’m just winging it! And at times get really frustrated, I’d rather be doing fun stuff but know once I get it down it will become much easier.
      Stay cozy!!!!

  2. The photos are too cute!! The one of Walter reminds me of those stately portraits in castles and museums of lady or lord so-and-so. :)

  3. Such lovely kitties! They do bring a lot of joy (and in my case, dead mice).

    • Thank you Pia, my cats are great mousers also, I must admit after they (used to, no mice in the new house, knock on wood!)would get a mouse cornered I have been known to scoot it into a bag and bring it outside! My cats would look at me in utter bewilderment, my husband too!

  4. I love the photos of all your sweet kitties, especially Walter looking so regal in his chair! I’m a big cat-lover, too – I can’t imagine living in a house without a cat. : )

  5. Wow! Really love your cat! I love Walter! he reminds me about my lovely kitten :) but my kitten was gone :(
    .. huks….

  6. I had to comment because my 4 cats seem very similar to yours. Your Sarah is like my Stella, except Stella has a bit of a Neanderthal brow. Pauly is Stella’s sister and looks like her but slimmer. But for Max and Goldie, I have a Bob and Grayzie. I think Max is your white cat, right, and Goldie the fluffy orange-y one? Our Bob is white like yours with similar striping but orange instead of gray, and Grayzie is like a cross between your Walter and Goldie: striped tabby like Walter but orange-y blond. They all get along pretty well most of the time!

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