Cape Cod house in winter

I love winter, say what you will about snow and ice and the cold.  I love it.  And let me tell you I’m doing as much as I can so it doesn’t go away.  After the snow last week I went out and took some shots of my house.  They came out quite stark and moody so I went with it.  My husband and I are starting to plan our vegetable garden and a bit of landscaping.  So far all we’ve had growing is what nature decided to put there and I quite like it!

There is a large pile of top soil we have to spread around and we did get a truck load of organic compost from Old Maids Farm in Glastonbury to start making  beds.  this compost is like gold, whatever you plant in it grows like crazy!

Anyway, here’s our house in winter.




back of house with master bedroom bump out and solar panels


back of house




  1. I love the pictures, while I don’t care for the cold (people refer to me as a house/tropical plant who doesn’t do well in colder temperatures) there is something about pictures of winter that I find attractive. Your home fits so perfectly in the winter setting.

  2. I also like winter . I really like the style of your houses. Are beautiful.

  3. I enjoy winter. Now that I no longer live up north, I actually miss the heavy snow falls and the stillness right afterwards. The white trees against the “white” sky look beautiful. Spring will be here before we know it…


  1. […] there is an unfinished “bonus” room, you can see pictures of our house and the garage here.  My husband Rick has begun the process of getting it finished and I can’t wait. […]

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