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A lovely year of almost finishes…the mini quilt…

I’m laughing to myself as I write this, I really tried to get my little spinning stars quilt finished today.  But I forgot how hand quilting can really do a number on your fingers!  I used to quilt a lot, like everyday.  My fingers got used to it, of course I use a thimble for […]

The very old painted blanket chest

Painting wood furniture is nothing new, if you can find a really old piece of painted furniture you have quite a find.  There is nothing like the patina of  an antique painted piece.  This dark teal blanket chest has been in my family for a very long time and I just love it.  It has […]

My clowder of cats….

Part of my family besides my three wonderful sons and fantastic husband are my cats.  I have always had cats even when I was in college, I can’t imagine my life without them!  I never walk into an empty house, they are super clean, quiet (except for Walter) and have very unique personalities.  My cats […]

Cape Cod house in winter

I love winter, say what you will about snow and ice and the cold.  I love it.  And let me tell you I’m doing as much as I can so it doesn’t go away.  After the snow last week I went out and took some shots of my house.  They came out quite stark and […]

Spinning Stars quilt progress

  My Spinning Stars mini quilt is coming along, here’s my mid-month check in for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Participating in this challenge has (so far) given me the little push to get all my unfinished projects done.  I’ve gotten the quilt top done and will now put my quilt sandwich together, baste it […]

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