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my Grandmother’s rocker

I grew up with this rocker.  It was my Grandmother's and then it was my parents and now it's ours.  It sits in the corner of our living room and provides a quiet, comfortable place to relax and rock.     … [Read more...]

testing, testing…

So after weighing the pro's and con's of getting my old computer fixed (it was damaged further during shipping, eesh) or just getting a new one I got a new one. It's a Mac and I love it! I had a PC before and my husband and sons use PC's but you know what? I'm just not a PC person, I had a MAC a few … [Read more...]

Happy holidays

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! I wish you all a very peaceful holiday. I'm so looking forward to the New Year and hope to have a working computer by then ;) Here is a picture that I found out there in the ether, there is something so magical about nature in Winter. … [Read more...]


An unimaginable tragedy has happened here in Connecticut. I can't wrap my mind around this and how the parents and families of all the victims must feel. Just heartbreaking... … [Read more...]

clothespins as ornaments!

Stephanie at Under the Table Dreaming has this wonderful tutorial to make clothes pin ornaments, another quick and easy project.  Click here for her fabulous tutorial. I saw these on Stephanie's blog and had to make them and I've made a ton!  And naturally I coated one side with glue and then … [Read more...]

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