Easy glitter wreath…

It was a beautiful snowy day here in Connecticut yesterday and I was in the mood to make things for the holidays.

view from my window

I’ve been digging through boxes and bags and found these small grapevine wreaths that I’ve had for years and never done anything with.  In the same bag was a pile of little silk flowers.  Well, I say to myself, why not combine the two and add a little silver German glass glitter?

I’m delighted with the results and it only took a few minutes.  All you need is glitter, craft glue like Elmers or Aleens, wax paper, a stiff small brush, silk flowers, grapevine wreaths and a hot glue gun.

Pour your glue in an old tin or container and same thing with your glitter.  I use old styrofoam meat containers.  I use a combination of 80 and 90 grit glass glitter, I order from Meyers Imports,  which really covers and looks gorgeous!

glue and small, very stiff, brush

glitter in styrofoam with a plastic spoon

Take your silk flowers and remove stem and any little plastic piece in the center.

silk flower sans stem and center

On a piece of wax paper, put your flower down and brush glue on both sides.  Be sure to cover well.

brush glue on flower, cover well on both sides

Lift your flower and put right into your glitter, spoon glitter over the top so your flower is buried.  Press down gently with the spoon so your flower makes good contact with glitter.  Lift out and place on wax paper to dry.  repeat this on as many flowers as you plan to use.

When your flowers are really dry (they should be stiff) hot glue to your grapevine wreath.

Glittered flowers dry and ready to go!

finished wreath, I couldn’t help myself and also glittered the wreath!


There you have it, easy and I think a really sweet little wreath.


PS  I’m so excited, I’ve been featured on the Meyers Import blog!  Think they figured out how much I love their glitter!!!  I would be thrilled if you checked it out :)

PSS I’m sharing this project at Too Much Time On My Hands


  1. The wreath is perfect and I love the view from your window. Also checked out Meyers Import blog – nice post.

  2. This makes me want to glitter ALL THE THINGS! :D

  3. The view from your window is amazing! Thanks for the easy and pretty wreath idea.

  4. Gorgeous wreath Jayne, and congrats on the well deserved feature.

  5. Loved your post and have already bookmarked the Meyer’s site. Thanks

  6. This is such a sweet piece. I think I am discovering that I must be a glitter fan, too. I didn’t know that about myself. :) Thanks for sharing the project idea.

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