Think I could glitter that??

I love German glass glitter!!  And I am glittering everything that’s not moving :)  In between wreath, stocking and sachet making I am glittering.

If you’ve never tried German glass glitter I highly recommend it.  I use the silver in a mix of 80 and 90 grit. I order mine from Meyer Imports.  This glitter developes a beautiful mellow finish as it ages and I love to put pinecones that I glittered years ago in giant apothecary jars, they just look beautiful!

place glittered items on wax paper to dry without sticking

glittered wood clothespins


glittered paper pinecone


glitter still life

glittered pinecones and milk weed pods in a burlap wreath, my husband and sons said it looks like a giant cookie, not quite what I was going for ;)

heart shaped lavender sachets with vintage buttons and lace


Everything looks better with a touch of glitter!







  1. Jayne, I absolutely love learning about the German Glitter, love what you have done here, this would work on some handmade cards? Very nice work Jayne!

  2. Beautiful Jayne, that sparkle is simply Christmas in a very natural way on all the lovely objects. You’re way ahead of me with the decorations, you’re sure to enjoy the season.

  3. As always, beautiful Jayne !

  4. I “liked” your blog because there was no button for “loved”. So much wonder there. Things I want to try soon. Thank you.

  5. Oh how I loved your pinecones and glitter. And then you go and top it off by adding the burlap!
    Love, love, love!
    I think you just sparked a creative flow for my Holiday Window Boxes this year. Thank you!

  6. You make such beautiful things.

  7. OMG- Jayne, you can glitter anything! My favorite, however, are the fabulous milk weed pods; who would have thought that seed pods such as those would make such great ornaments? You do! You got me inspired to go out and draw inspiration from nature!

    Look forward to your next post!


    • Why thank you Whippersnapper! I have loved milk weed as long as I can remember and NEVER cut it down in fact I encourage it. It’s where the beautiful Monarch butterfly lays its eggs and the caterpillar eats the leaves, so as the saying goes, no milk weed no Monarchs. And then I gather the empty pods in the Fall and glitter them!!!

  8. that is beautiful! I loved the bright hahaha.I will do to hang on my christmas tree.

  9. Looks like fun and it turned out beautifully! You’ve inspired me… I guess I’ll have to go find some pinecones, leaves, burlap, and have some fun with glitter! :)

  10. Oh I agree! If it’s holding still put some glitter on it! Lol! I just love that paper pine cone. Sooooo pretty! Thanks for the tip on Meyers. I’ve saved em to my favorites. I wish we could go shopping together too *winks* Vanna

  11. glitter seems to be very popular at the moment…wonder if the stores here will catch on soon ;)

    • I hope so Courtney, I’m up in New England and have to order it online, so it hasn’t reached here yet either. I’ve been using it for years, maybe I should sell it, hmmmmm :)

  12. These are beautiful! We did something similar last year, with the kids, but we dipped the pinecones in beeswax and then sprinkled them with glitter. Thanks for the glitter tip as well.

  13. These are beautiful. You’re right, glitter makes an ordinary closepin look magical. Very cool. The heart sachets are very sweet. You post looks like a page from a D. Blumchen catalogue.

  14. So beautiful!

  15. I love your blog and all the things you are making…we need to talk!

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