Vintage Glory has come to Portland!!!

I read about it in my little local paper the Rivereast, an absolutely gorgeous shop that specializes in antique, vintage furniture and decor and they use Annie Sloan chalk paint on their stunning painted pieces!  It’s called Vintage Glory and it’s on RT 66 in Portland CT.  Hours are Wednesday thru Saturday, 10:30 am to 5 pm and Sunday 12 to 5pm.  The grand opening is tomorrow 10/27 but of course Miss Daisey Jayne had to drive by today and hope for a glimpse.  I was in luck as the fabulous owner Carla was in getting ready for tomorrow.  She graciously showed me around and introduced me to the other talented ladies who all have a hand in this venture.

Carla and I had a lot, actually so much in common it was a bit spooky.  We are the same age, both hair stylists, she owns a salon, I’m opening a salon in February and we both love hunting down and beautifying furniture!!  And the list goes on.

She even invited me to bring some of my pieces to her new shop!  Well, I tell you I’m in heaven and will be there tomorrow for the grand opening.  I took some pictures with my iPhone, enjoy!

I just adore that little red shelf!

love this color combo and industrial feel

my favorite red looks rich on this sweet little table

the beautiful ladies of Vintage Glory

The grand opening is tomorrow from 2pm – 5pm, come and check it out,  I can’t wait!


  1. sounds like my kind of shop! Can’t make it for the grand opening but I will surely stop when I am out that way!

  2. I love your blog and your furniture. Being relatively new to the Portland area, again, I’m not sure where RT 66 and Portland CT is. Looks like a fun place to shop though.

    • Hi there! I think you are in Portland OR, the Portland where this shop is is in CT. But if you ever find yourself out here, let me know, we can get together and I’ll show you the sights and that fabulous shop!

      • Well, silly me. Somehow we on the west coast seem to think there is only one Portland. I know there is one in Maine but never realized there was one in CT. To bad I can’t drop by and visit. Thanks for clearing up a very foggy brain. Still love your stuff.

        • When I tell people I’m from Portland they think of Portland Maine or Portland Oregon, no ones heard of Portland Connecticut and I always say it’s where all the brownstone for the NYC brownstones and the San Francisco mansions comes from :)

          • My goal is to learn something new every day.Thanks for making that goal met for the day. :) It’s also re-inforced the idea of “don’t assume anything” once again. Two lessons in one. How much better does it get. I’ll keep reading and see what else I can learn.

  3. What a great shop, wish I could be there for the grand opening. The first photo you have shows a little green end table. I just received two matching pieces just like that (although I can’t see too well in the photo, mine has a faux marble insert on the top) and have finished one, but have been waiting to finish the second (for another person) as I had a few other projects I had to get to first. But I’m glad I did I now have a couple new ideas going through my head for it.

  4. Looks like an art installation. I wouldn’t want to part with any of that. No surprise that I am a rubbish business woman Gorgeous!

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