Last night I taught a beginners silk ribbon embroidery class.  There were seven students who had the most wonderful energy, were super patient as I threw a ton of stuff at them and very talented which made instructing them a pleasure.

I think I teach to be around new people and learn from them.  I’ve taught everything I’ve ever done and not because I set out to be a teacher it just seems to happen and now this morning reflecting on it I realize it’s a theme in my life that started in high school.

I left last night with a wonderful feeling, sounds corny I know.  But what else is there?  I love to learn and I love to share what I’ve learned and I always learn even more when I gather with a group and work on something!

In the embroidery class we worked with Japanese silk ribbon and Irish linen.  The materials are expensive, I feel if you are going to make anything by hand and put in so much time and care use the best quality you can.  As far as I am concerned you are making an heirloom and in a world of mass-produced, single use, inferior quality this is a welcome change!  And if you’re looking for beautiful linen at really inexpensive prices go to any thrift or consignment shop and you’ll see all those lovely old table cloths and napkins and if there’s a stain that’s your permission to cut them apart and use them to create whatever your heart desires!

vintage linen napkins


silk ribbon


last nights design


Scalamandre silk from the 80’s I found at a flea market, stunning!






  1. That silk fabric is stunning!

  2. This is just gorgeous! You are incredibly talented. :)

  3. I’m so curious about what you will do with the silk fabric. I love silk ribbon embroidery! I have several kit projects sitting next to my TV chair waiting. I have been trying to teach myself and have found silk ribbon not as easy to find as before. The internet seems to be the best source. Linen I bought by the yard as I use it for machine embroidery as well. I love you design. I completely agree with you about teaching being the best way to learn more deeply. Looking forward to seeing the next project.:)

    • I don’t know what to do with that fabric yet, I have to get over that feeling of fear or the need to save it for something really special. Silk ribbon is hard to find for sure as is the silk button hole twist I used to use also. I’ve started listing some on my Etsy shop and will build it up if it does well. What is better than linen and silk!

  4. Beautiful silk ribbon work! :)

  5. Oh my! I’ve never heard of silk ribbon embroidery. It’s absolutely beautiful. I completely understand what you mean about teaching and learning. I can’t imagine a day when I haven’t learned something new and I love sharing that knowledge, especially with like minded people who are as passionate. Great tip about thrifting linen, thank you. Will keep eyes peeled! :-)

  6. I haven’t tried ribbon embroidery yet, but one of these days. Your piece is gorgeous. And I love that silk you found, I’d love to find some just like it for a bench I want to redo for my place.

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