My Fall Mantle or Mantel

So many beautiful Fall mantles are being posted on different blogs.  I was inspired to create something on mine.

We built a center chimney cape with an exposed brick fireplace so you see the brick on all four sides for two stories.  And our mantle itself is a very rough-hewn piece of red oak that came from a tree on our property.  A flat screen TV is mounted over the fireplace and it presented a bit of a challenge as far as decorating goes.

I needed seasonal things to put on the mantle that would show up against the brick and not block the TV.  So I looked around and found a couple of pieces of old crockery and bought some really cute and tiny white pumpkins at my local farm stand.  Along with some wildflowers that I had growing in my yard I placed an ironstone covered dish, a few old books, rearranged it all a couple of times till I was happy and called it a day!


  1. So pretty!!! And I L-O-V-E the idea of using old books with autumn-colored covers! I’m going to look for some and copycat that idea! Thank you! :)

  2. Simple but perfect!

  3. I’m going to copy the book idea too! I’m still fussing with mine and not quite happy with it. Yours is so pretty! I found some of those little white pumpkins in the store and I couldn’t resist them.

  4. Very random and strange question but do you know what type of wood was used to build your mantle? I just love yours and told my boyfriend and he said he could build it but needed to know the wood?! I love the mantle into the brick!

    • Not random or strange at all! Our mantle is made from a tree that had to come down when we were building our house, we only took down a couple and wanted to use the wood. It’s an indiginous Red Oak. My husbands friend who has many impressive tools cut the oak into a very chunky piece, we wanted it to be very rustic. We let it dry out and then my husband mounted it to the brick. We love it! It is totally bare wood, no stain, wax or anything.


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