Things I’ve been working on…

We’re getting some really beautiful, cooler and dryer weather here in Connecticut and I have been taking advantage of it to get some work done.  When the weather is too humid I’m not able to wax my furniture pieces because the wax just doesn’t seem to dry no matter how thinly I apply it.

First is this small vanity chair.  I call it a vanity chair because that’s what I used it for as a teenager, I have no idea what happened to the vanity I had it parked in front of.  Covered in a dark, dull finish and almost certainly having it’s back cut down I thought I’d give it a new look.  I (Rick :) put a couple of wood finials on to finish the back.  Then onto priming and  two coats of AS Paris Grey.  I painted a laurel wreath with AS Pure White.  Then I applied a very thin coat of AS clear wax, distressed with some sand paper and applied a final coat of clear wax and buffed like crazy.

before picture


One of the other projects that I finally finished was this old doll cradle.  Vintage ticking, muslin and really old quilt blocks were used for the mattress and bedding.  I bought the quilt blocks at a shop in CA and think they work wonderfully in this doll quilt.

The cradle was painted with milk paint and waxed with AS clear wax.  I also painted a small silhouette and laurel wreath on either end in AS Paris Grey chalk paint.

doll cradle and bedding

I tied the cradle mattress

silhouette at the front end of cradle

I hope that you are all also enjoying beautiful weather and will be posting more of the projects I am finishing up.


  1. Very Nice Work Jayne!

  2. Hey Jayne,

    I love the work you have done, especially the little chair. The hand painted work is a nice addition to the seat. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

    Good luck!

  3. I love, love, love that chair. The cradle too especially with its bedding but that chair has so much character.

  4. Beautiful work! I love the vanity chair…that’s what I thought it was before you said that’s what you called it.

  5. Beautiful !!

  6. DaisyJayne, I’ve missed you! Now that I’m back, it’s so good to read through your blog again! What terrific results on these projects! The chair is wonderful but I absolutely LOVE the cradle with the quilt! Inspirational! I must get my can of spray paint and start on one of my thrift store finds!! :)

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