Illuminating Blogger Award!

I have been nominated by the wonderful A Daisy Garden for the Illuminating Blogger Award!  I am so flattered and happily surprised, thank you so much Daisy.  She has the most wonderful blog that touches on sewing, family, pets, beautiful photography and the spiritual.

Lets see, I’ve been directed to share one random thing about myself, hmmmm, when people meet me they find me very outgoing, but when I’m at home I become an introvert and am very quiet.  When I share this folks are quite surprised!

Now in no particular order are my nominee’s:

I encourage you to check out these fantastic blogs, they are fabulous!  And thank you again Daisy for my nomination!


  1. Way to go girl ! !

  2. Well, I guess you’re just on a roll… You’ve received an award! Your blog is on FIRE! Get your award here: If you accept, share 8 unusual things & share this award with 8 other blogs that are on fire!

  3. wow–what an honor!! congratulations!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my dresser…i am checking out your paint post now!!

    • Thanks Chris, I am working on a dresser now, very similiar to yours and I’ve decided to paint a Swiss cross on it, oy vey, I was ready to take that frog tape and choke myself with it! I’ll be doing a post about my challenges :)

  4. Congrats on your awards! It’s a great way to find new blogs too :)

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