A bunting tutorial and getting ready for Fall!

I love buntings and I really like making them.  You can’t go wrong with fabric choices or shape of the little flags.  Buntings announce anything you want, a season, party, birth, gathering, anything you can think of!

Here’s a little tutorial of my latest bunting using a few fat quarters of my favorite French General fabric and a vintage ticking I have.  I’ve made a bunting that measured approx. 11 feet long with nine flags.  One flag is hiding in the picture below :)

What you’ll need: assorted cotton fabric, scissors, cardboard, sewing machine, iron.

I created my rounded triangle template from a cereal box.  The triangle measures 7″ across by 6 3/4″ high.  Just like making a heart, fold a piece of paper in half, draw your  rounded triangle on the fold, cut it out and trace onto cardboard.

Trace your template onto the wrong side of your different fabrics and make sure to trace two each on the same fabric, one for the front and one for the back to be sewn together.  I cut out 18 triangles to make 9 flags.

traced triangle about to be cut out

After you cut out your triangles, take two,  put rights sides together and sew together leaving the top open.  Trim off the tip and cut out little notches to get rid of any bulk in the seam being sure to NOT cut through your stitching.

cut off point, do NOT cut thru stitches!


Turn right side out and iron, I love this little plastic tool that pushes out points.

turn right side out and iron

Next to make your binding strip to sew your triangles into.  I cut out 3 (selvage to selvage) 2″ wide strips of fabric.  I cut on the grain, this doesn’t need to be on the bias, it would be too stretchy.  I used my wonderful metal tape maker, this makes the whole process really easy and fast!

pin end of binding, pull tape maker along and follow with your iron, so easy!

Fold your binding over and iron.  I sew my 3 binding strip together after I iron them.  Put rights sides together, sew and press seam open.  Press one more time into binding shape.

finished seam

Next, pin your triangles into the fold of your binding, I spaced mine 3″ apart.  To do  this I found the middle of the binding strip by folding it in half and matched that to the middle of a triangle and pinned in place.  Then I pinned the rest of my triangles, 4 to the left and 4 to the right of my middle triangle and spaced them 3″ apart.  (I have no idea how those last 2 sentences became bold, but I am forging on anyway!)

the first, middle triangle to be pinned into binding

pin triangles into the fold of the binding 3″ apart

All you have left to do is sew beginning at one end of the binding strip, thru all of your triangles to the end of your binding strip.  I give it one more press and enjoy!

sew 1/8th” seam along binding strip, I use my quilting foot

finished bunting

I’ll be making many more buntings in different fabrics that include some antique and vintage textiles to be offered at my Etsy shop.

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  1. I like all your tools. I don’t sew enough to know they make a pointy thing to make the corners poke out. Good to know! The bunting turned out very cute.

  2. Jayne, Have you ever thought of teaching a class ? :-)

  3. you have such a good eye for the prettiest fabrics! Love the pennant style bunting :-)

  4. WOW! I want one of those “wonderful metal tape maker”! Very cute and loved the easy step by step tutorial!

  5. Absolutely beautiful bunting and a well-designed tutorial – a wonderful post! I am feeling envious of your sewing skills. All best, Phyllis

  6. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  7. Beautiful bunting and great tutorial. Love the shape of your flags. Where has that tape maker tool been all my life?! That will save me so much time. Thanks for sharing with air your laundry friday! xo Jami

    • Thank you Jami. And thank you so much for featuring my bunting on your wonderful blog! I have that tape maker tool in every size and can’t live without them :)

  8. Heather Williams says:

    Hi, there, Jayne! Just discovered you through Jami’s Freckled Laundry (your bunting feature!), & just started following you. Love your bunting tutorial!!! I wonder, would you mind if I pin your tutorial to my Garlands, Banners, & Bunting board? In kindness ~H♥~

  9. Love love love it! And I’m thinking why am I not sewing things? Thanks so much for the inspiration and for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!


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