Last weekends finds…

As I remember last weekend, I believe we had beautiful weather here in CT.  But as I was completely in estate/tag and antique shopping mode I could be completely wrong!  I haven’t posted much this week as I’ve been either glueing, painting or sewing. And to keep me and my guys even busier we found a cat or actually he found us.  We have him in kitty quarantine until we either find his owner, unlikely, town animal control officer says he was probably dumped :( or we keep him and take him to the vet for a good check-up.  Here are some treasures I found and things I’ve been up to.

oak diningroom chairs, not sure what to do with them yet, any ideas?

this treadle machine was given to me, the cabinet is in pretty bad shape

from inside the treadle machine, vintage sewing items

really unusual Victorian (?) rocker

I just love it!

really old tool caddy

heavy ceramic lamp with brass

can you tell I like white lamps!


  1. Some awesome stuff you found, Mrs. DaiseyJayne! I love the artwork printed on the sewing machine thread packets. And that victorian rocker is just so unusual looking, don’t you think? I wish you the best of luck with that cat you found as well; I hope he finds a good home!

    ps: “Would you just look at it!”

  2. Great finds! I think you should keep all the finds but locate and return the cat to its rightful owner.

  3. Wow! How fun! Those chairs will look amazing. That rocker is beautiful! The sewing machine?– Wow!

  4. Wow, that rocker is so unique and cool! I’ve never seen one like it. Any idea what you’ll do with it?

    • Hi Erin,
      That rocker is unique for sure! I’m going to clean it really well and then teach myself caining (can’t find any classes in CT) and redo the seat and back. The paint will be left in it’s wonderful as is condition. It’s very stury so no glueing necessary. Then is will be offered in my shop and go to someone who loves it’s unusual looks as much as I do!

  5. Great lamps. I had to laugh about the sewing cabinet being in “pretty bad shape”. It looks like it’s been left out in the rain.

    • Hi Pam! I was laughing too when I went to pick up the sewing machine, it HAD been left out in the rain and it weighed a ton. I thought it was a regular sewing machine that plugs in, imagine my surprise, a treadle machine!

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