here’s my unfinished livingroom

My family and I have been in our new house (we built, I was the GC, eesh!) for about 6 months and though I had good intentions it’s still not completely “done”.  We are doing lots of editing and lots of drives with donations to Goodwill.

The sofa and  love seat in our livingroom is from a wonderful consignment shop called Wooden It Be Nice located in beautiful So. Glastonbury, CT.  I have no before shots but it was upholstered in a 60’s gold floral.  I found some beefy Belgian linen on Ebay and had them redone.  The tufted chair was my grandmothers and I had that done in linen also.  So from time to time I’ll take some pics as I try to “finish” this room.  I’m not sure I’ve ever completely finished a room, they always seem to be evolving…

Okay, I’m going to ask the fabulous Betsy Speert to give her sage advice on what to do with that giant wall behind my sofa!?  When we designed the house I neglected to balance the windows behind the sofa ( which is facing and centered on the fireplace, sorry no picture).  So in the second to last picture you can see the window on the right, and you can’t see the window on the left because it’s about 4′ away, the lack of symmetry bothers me.  Not to mention what/how do you decorate such a large wall?  In another post I showed my very large antique clock, which I’d like to use but what do I put around it, it looks lost by itself.  Well Betsy, what do you advise?  By the way I have added a coffee table, end tables with lamps and another small tufted chair next to my grandmothers chair, I just haven’t taken pics and posted yet…

bare bones livingroom

my grandmother’s chair redone in linen

I really LOVE tufting!


french doors behind love seat



  1. oh my goodness! your furniture is amazing!! i’m in love with the shape & tufting!!! the furniture has so much character, i’m not sure you need much else to actually “complete” the room. Beautiful floors, too!


  2. Beautiful furniture! I can imagine the gold floral (um, no thanks!), but I’m not sure I could have imagined how great these pieces could be. Gorgeous floors, too. Your blank slate is off to a good start!

    • Lol! The gold floral was really awful, I had to really help my husband and sons visualize the furniture done over in linen. I’m glad you like the floors, I should write a post about them, they are actually made from 300 year old beams from an old barn that was taken down (sadly these old buildings are torn down to make way for developement). We didn’t want to use “new” wood and heard about a company in MA that buys up all this beautiful old wood and mills it into flooring, etc.

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